Friday, 20 April 2012

Jeff Koons

Ive only recently found Jeff Koons as a repescted artist, I found him whilst researching collage and bright imagery for a graphics project I was doing. Usually when I approch a collage I seem to have a way of making it all blend together by using softer colours to merge in bold areas, or using images with similar filters to the background. But Jeff Koons really goes wild with creating collages. In this series of collages he did he used alot of images f womens bodys and hair, also incorperating random foods like cake and cheese. All to be used because of their bright colours and differences with each other. I personally found the above piece to be my favourite as the colours were toned but still vibrant, and i prefered to look at the images of lips instead of a lady's body. I just love how they work so well they come across very nostalgic and dreamy even though there is not releavence to anything in that catogory. They look to me like an advert for something, like drinks or a beauty product, it could work well as either of these so they have a lot of scope.

He has created other pieces such as many extravagent inflatables. The dog is the main one but he has come up with all sorts on a huge scale, such as a toy elephant and blow up flowers.
"Koons' work has sold for substantial sums of money including at least one world record auction price for a work by a living artist. The largest sum known to be paid for a work by Koons is Balloon flower (Magenta) which was sold for £12,921,250" The pieces are made from mirror finish stainless steel, so they dont come cheap. They have an appeal to everyones playful side I think.

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