Tuesday, 1 November 2011


'I try to make European icons. Obvious visual outsiders are more cinematic, in my opinion'

I chose MIA's 'Born Free' video as i like the story behind the video, which entales the army coming to a built up area searching for 'ginger' people to take to camps and kill, in such a a way reminds me of the 2nd World War where germans would take the jews to the concentration camps. The video has been banned from television and to the extent of Youtube. Its quite hard to find and is situated on websites created purely to watch the video. The filmography of the video I love as its quite gritty but the filter on the screen is pure. It adds an element of purity. The story line is the most facinating, it has a veryrealistic point about being 'born free' which in some cases you are not due to what you look like or what race or religion you are. Its very controversial which I suppose why its been banned from viewing in most places. The most shocking part of the video is when a young boy is shot on the mine field because no one would run into the field. At that point the video makes a huge impact as the soilders show no remorse and really show gret simalarities to the german soilders in the 2nd World War. I dont find many music videos appealing as the seem to have a relentless image of half naked women and a dance routine, which doesnt have any reference towards the song. This however fits perfectly, as most of the lyrics are just the songs title, perhaps to keep the focus on the visuals. MIA to me has never failed in making a decent well thought out music video. 

Director - Romain Gavras

 HIS GOAL IS SIMPLE: "To rule the world." The 27-year-old French director is a co-founder of Kourtrajm√©, a 136-member art and filmmaking collective in Paris that incorporates hip-hop and graffiti sensibilities into stylish music videos and socially conscious documentaries. - For me Romain is the most inspiration video maker I've seen for a long time, he seems to have these great visuals which I would love to recreate in a making of my own. He has this very unique style which I admire greatly. 

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