Tuesday, 4 October 2011

I remember seeing this advert one afternoon during the summer, when it came on i didnt take my eyes off it. Its very me and what i see as art, my style and my scene. The theme of the advert is very party based, during summer, from afternoon to night, continually. It has amazing shots including celebritys such as Noel Gallagher and Agness Deyn, all popular names to induce you. The way its filmed is very photographic, almost as if you could get a brilliant picture from every random screen shot you could take. The advert is very vibrant and lively, really makes you feel good. Adidas have used this style of advertising before, usually when the new seasons start as its follows the fashion, with that so does the style of filming and visuals. One shot I find really appealing in this advert is when a red flare gun is held in a sillohette of a mans hand. Its so simple and draws you in, almost eary. Shots like that mixed with the fun living other scenes mesh together so well. The caption is seamless. The music played on the advert is 'why can't there be love' a soul sounded track which contrasts to the theme but fits so well. This style of media and visionary is the art form I would love to get involved in, or have some input into ideas.

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